Really Great Service

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a month ago-Really great service. Elliot went to great efforts to deliver our non-runner onto our awkward driveway. I didn't think he'd manage it but he did!

Cant speak highly enough

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I honestly can’t speak highly enough of the service received from Elliot today, responsive, friendly and very professional. I broke down on the motorway last night with my wife and two young children and we called the RAC who we get membership through a rewards program, whilst they got my wife and kids to the service station 90 mins after initial call, they then did not have a recovery truck to collect me and the car and in turn, my wife and kids from the service station. My wife was finally collected with our 3 and 5 year old at 2am by a taxi, a recovery truck turned up after 3am, 6 hours sitting by the side of the motorway. What this has taught me is that independent Recovery operators like Elliot are a much better option as you are communicating direct with them and the second half of a transit with Elliot was cheaper than RAC wanted to get my car to final repair. A quick search online of any of the large name pay in advance providers tells lots of horror stories of hours and hours left stranded, their motivation to do anything about it, very little you already paid your membership, essentially an insurance policy were you have to just accept what you are told, in our case “we are working on it”. I would have no hesitation in recommending Elliot and thank you for your great service, no one wants to breakdown and sort the after logistics but in all dealings with Elliot, all my expectations were met or exceeded, sadly I can’t say the same about the RAC and talking with the guy who collected me after 6 hours being stranded last night it seems a lot of what you read online is true he was an outsourced contractor who they use as overspill, and not the sort you would like to meet in a dark ally. Anyway, thank you very much! Best regards Mike

Absolute legend

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Elliott is an absolute legend, he came to get us super quick when we called after breaking down near Brighton, brought us back to Tunbridge Wells for a very fair price and with the friendliest service, a pleasure to ride with after sitting on the side of the road for some time - though I hope I don't require picking up again anytime soon, I know who I'll call if I do! Thanks Elliott!
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